Just Roll With It

Our day started out well but was cut short by a flat tire. The little man and I started the day with music class, then hurried home to pick up Daddy to head into the city. We had plans to meet up with my cousins visiting from Texas. We were only about half hour into the trip when the fateful warning signal lit up the dash. Turns out we had a leak in our back tire. We made it to a little hole in the wall tire shop. They were super nice and helped us quickly assess the damage...or more accurately helped my husband as I watched over the little guy sleeping in the stroller. We had no choice, but to put on the donut and drive slowly home to have it fixed.  I hate having to cancel plans, especially when you are looking forward to them...but what are you going to do.... I guess you just have to roll with it.

Making the best of a bummer afternoon, I rounded up a few of my favorite blog posts from this week. Take a look...

Here are 3 fresh workout options from Sweet Tooth Sweet Life- No matter your mood one of these should motivate you!

Schweaty March Workout from Fitnessista

For Mommies
Love that Fit Bottomed Mama is keeping their eye out for good articles on exercise and pregnancy.

Mommies looking for double duty workout gear take a look at this sports bra. The followers of Fitnessista suggest this could be a great nursing bra. If you have tried it please share your feedback.

Feeling a little sweet today...

Confetti Popcorn via Glitter Guide. Keep it green and I think this could make an easy and festive St. Patty's Day treat. Keep your eye out. I might just have to make this for the Stoller Strides party on Wednesday.

Caveman Cookies from Peas and Thank You. Paleo friendly and you will get a kick out of her negotiations with her daughter.

Beyond Fitness...
Is your dresser overflowing with denim? Need tips on how to edit down your collection? Check out Refinery29's tips.

Having Trouble getting over the time change? Maybe these alarm clocks courtesy of The Average Girl's Guide will help spring you from slumber.

Think Green with class and romance! A little Irish Luck Inspiration from Camille Styles.

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