Weekend Pics, a Workout, and Favorites!

Our weekend was filled with lots of travel. We made our way from NC to MA hitting 8 states and three sets of Grandparents along the way. Here are the photo highlights...

In the St. Patty's Day spirit for a workout during our NJ stop.

Post workout reward!

Nothing compares to a NJ bagel sandwich!

My favorite travel companion <3

Final Destination-oh, how I missed you!

Favorite Weekend Workout:

5 Rounds For Time of:
10 Burpees
20 Kettle bell Swings
200M Run

In case you missed these, here are my favorite posts from last week...


Fit Chick in the City- Why the phase "Long and Lean" irks her...and I have to agree it kind of irks me too!


While I still put green dye in my St. Patrick's Day treats these are some great naturally green recipes from Peas and Thank you that you can enjoy any time of the year.

Fitnessista did a focus on the Paleo Diet this week and I am so glad she did. Starting CrossFit this type of diet plan has been on my mind. Her rundown gives great perspective on what the Paleo Diet is and sparked some good conversation. Keep your eye out... I may get bold and take on a two week Paleo (or version of Paleo) Challenge soon.

Because Our Interests Go Way Beyond Fitness...

My oh so talented friend Grace recapped her favorite DIY blogs. If you are a die-hard DIYer or just like to dabble be sure to check out these amazing DIY blogs. Oh and don't forget to check out Grace's DIY archive at Stripes and Sequins. It is pretty awesome.

I love this accessory ladder post from one of Grace's DIY blog recommends, A Pair and a Spare. The accessory ladder is such an obvious, yet unconventional option for storing items that always seem to be out of there neat little spot and draped on something anyways.

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