Semi-Clean Easter Dinner

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. For those of you who celebrate Easter I hope you had a festive day filled with lots of family, fun and chocolate!  I am definitely recovering from a jelly bean hangover this morning...I almost made my coffee without putting in the filter. uggh.

For our Easter meal this year I tried to clean up a few of our favorite dishes. The menu was a combo of clean and "dirty" favorites. It was delicious!

I'll start with the "dirty" and then tell you how I cleaned up the other dishes. We had our traditional ham-I looked for a clean version, but the cheap side of me won out as I wasn't about to spend over $60 on the ham.  Not a good excuse, I know! For "dirty" sides and desserts we had cheesed up potatoes, bakery rolls, homemade cookies, cupcakes, and candy of course!

On the cleaner side of things I made a clean green bean casserole, crashed potatoes, and roasted carrots and asparagus. For dessert I made clean cheesecakes and a carrot cake.

I found a clean recipe for cream of mushroom soup on the Naked Kitchen site. To break up the cooking I started the soup on Thursday and doubled the recipe. Green bean casserole is a big hit in our family and I wasn't quite sure how much I would need. Plus, I wanted to have a little leftover cream of mushroom soup to keep in the freezer. For the double batch I used 1/2 lb of baby bella mushrooms and 1/2 lb of shitake. I also used 1 cup of 2% milk and 1 cup of fat free milk instead of oat milk.

After chilling in the refrigerator for a couple days the mushroom soup was ready to go for the casserole. My mom partially steamed the green beans in the microwave while I crisped the onions for the topping. To get the onions nice and crispy I dipped them in a beaten egg, then whole wheat flour mix (whole wheat flour, salt, pepper) and fried them in coconut oil.

When everything was set. I poured the mushroom soup over the green beans, topped with the crispy onions and baked till bubbly.

For the roasted veggies I followed this Barefoot Contessa recipe.

I love the crispiness of these crashed potatoes. I gave some incomplete instructions to my sister during the smashing process, so we had one big pile of smashed potatoes and not neat little nests, but they still turned out great. I topped with fresh diced rosemary to season before baking!

I think I need to work on the desserts a little bit. The cheesecakes were good, but could you use a little more sweetness. Instead of the cookie crust I used chopped pecans, honey, and coconut oil.

My flop of the meal was the carrot cake. It just did not come out very well. It was very dense and not as sweet as I normally like. I think I will have to work on this one. At least it looked pretty :)

What is your favorite Easter dish? Did you try any new recipes? Please share them with me!

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